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Our training resources are designed to meet you where you are, and engage you completely in the learning experience. We hope you enjoy the process of finding your way with technology.

Lessons further down the list build on concepts introduced in ones above them. If a video presents information that is confusing, you may benefit from watching a video higher on the list. The specific recommended prerequisites will also be listed in the notes for each video.

Basic Technology Terminology

These lessons explain basic terms commonly used when dealing with the world of technology. As you watch, remember to put you, the user of technology, at the center of your thoughts. In our world, technology tools exist for you and you alone, and mastery of them is well within your grasp.
If you find technology a confusing aspect of your daily life, start in this section.

Starter Recipes

Like anything worth doing, designing good workflows takes time and patience. To boot, we need to develop a basic language of smaller, foundational workflows before tackling larger, more interesting ones. These essential building blocks will make you able to conquer more complex tasks with confidence. Interacting with technology is a language, and like learning any language, mastery requires lots and lots and LOTS of practice.
These videos first present the concept of the workflow. Then, you will be walked through several practice exercises. The list of workflows is in order of complexity, starting with the most basic.
These workflows are designed for macOS users.

Keyboard Shortcuts

NOTE: If you haven't used keyboard shortcuts before, or you aren't comfortable using them, we recommend that you start by watching what is a keyboard shortcut (11m).

The lessons below are designed to be done in order, and only introduce three new shortcuts per video. We recommend that you do one lesson at a time to give yourself an adequate chance to incorporate what you have learned into your daily routines and workflows, to give your brain a chance to develop some muscle memory. You'll know it's time to watch another if you are no longer thinking about the shortcuts as you execute them.

Getting Things Done: Workflows using your voice

If you never learned to touch type, you are in good company. These workflows will help you harness the power of voice recognition technology to produce text with your voice.